Kandil Light
Alkandil company for assembling and producing lighting units, was founded in 1908, developed in 1978 and reached its current performance since 1999.

When we are presenting more than 100 years of our experience & development in the lighting field, we have to declare that we always keep on using the latest technology to achieve the highest standards of quality for all of our products, In our factory all quality processes have only one end target, it is the assurance of our clients satisfaction.

Our products include :
Brass casting products
Maria Theresa products
Murano products
Classic products
Modern products
Crystal products
Specialized custom made products
(In any shape , color and size beside our specialty in producing 24 karat gold plated chassis and frames)

The wide range of our projects in palaces, villas, religious and public places stands for our strength & delicacy of our products and consequently our real excellent reputation in the lighting field.

Our projects and products have been installed and distributed in Canada, USA, France, England, Germany, Holland, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, The Sultanate of Oman and Jordan

In our company our vision is to be a reliable brand to meet our customer needs in the decorative lighting industry in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa and to achieve our vision we are committed to the manufacturing of high quality decorative lighting units in wide variation to meet our customers’ expectations with the value of cooperation , loyalty, excellence and respect

inside Egypt
El Baron Hotel - Cairo
El Galaa Hotel - Cairo
The Olympic village - Cairo
The Forty Grand Hotel - Cairo
SharmHoliday Hotel - Sharm el sheikh
Nile Quest Floating Hotel - Aswan
Holiday inn Hotel - Cairo
Panorama Hotel - Hurghada
Concord Elsalam Hotel - Cairo
Mercure Hotel - Cairo
Mercure Hotel - Hurghada
Caesar Palace Hotel - Cairo
The Embassy of Great Britain - Cairo
The Embassy of Libya - Cairo
The Embassy of Syria - Cairo
The High court of Egypt - Cairo
Elgalaa Justice court - Cairo
Nile Maxim floating restaurant - Cairo
Union air Factory - 6th of October
Raselteen Navy Base - Alexandria
The military college - Cairo
Air Defense College - Cairo
Air Defense H.Q - Cairo
Infantry H.Q - Cairo
Tulip Hotel - New Capital
Tulip Hotel - The New Alamein
Tulip Hotel -Elgalaa - Cairo
Tulip Hotel -Elnarges - New Cairo
The palace of prince Abdullah Bin Mussad Al Sood - Cairo
The Office of minister of Aviation - Cairo
The office of Marsa Matrouh Government - Marsa Matrouh
Al Musheer Ahmed Badawy Hotel - Marsa Matrouh
Misr University for science and Technology - Cairo
The psychiatrist Hospital - Cairo
Tulip Hotel – Elforsan - Ismailia
Tulip Hotel - Sharq El ismailia

Outside Egypt
Bahrain Floating Hotel - Bahrain
The Marine Club - Bahrain
The Casanova Restaurant - Berlin, Germany
Le Roi Café - Amsterdam, Holland
The palace of Prince Abdullah Bin Musaad Al Sood - Jeddah, KSA
The palace of Prince Abdullah Bin Musaad Al Sood - Lebanon
The palace of Prince Abdullah Bin Musaad Al Sood - Messery, France
The palace of Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed AL Naheyan - Abu Dhabi ,UAE
The palace of prince Mansour Al Gaber Al Sabah - Kuwait
Mosque of Prince Abdullah Bin Musaad Al Sood - ARAR , KSA
Mosque of prince Mansour AL Gaber Al Sabah - Kuwait
Bousher Mosque - The Sultanate of Oman
Wady EL Moael Mosque - The Sultanate of Oman
Mabeyala Mosque - The Sultanate of Oman
El souek Mosque - The Sultanate of Oman
AL Ansab Mosque - The Sultanate of Oman
Hallban Mosque - The Sultanate of Oman
The villa of the Minister of army - The Sultanate of Oman